Turning friends with benefits into something more requires taking advantage of the present moment

I know https://lovingwomen.org/fi/badoo-arvostelu/ that when I say that you want to reply, “Ok but Alex, it’s important to be sincere and act like myself!” This is the philosophy that I defend on a daily basis but you need to adapt to the specific situation. The next two paragraphs are going to explain how to act based on your situation.

What better answer for how to go from friends with benefits to a relationship?

For the time being, while you apply my advice, set your feelings and loving thoughts aside, and you’ll see results!

Both at the heart of all “success stories” and falling in line with my philosophy is focusing on the present moment. The more you’re able to share intense moments, enjoyable dates, intimacy, loosening your grip, and enjoying life to the fullest together, the more you’re going to move towards building a solid and long lasting relationship.

Why wouldn’t he or she want to invest a bit more if you’re having an amazing time together? There are no longer any fears of commitment or disappointments related to their past…

So each time you see your sex buddy or each time you speak, make sure it’s for the best, that you take the opportunity to be innovative, and to create the greatest complicity possible! As soon as you create an attachment that is more than just physical, you’ll be on the right path!

By doing so, you will ensure that you naturally become closer, and little by little you’ll be able to develop a place in their life and give rise to something special: attachment! You see, we’re taking it step by step and we’re only focusing on positive emotions.

In order to improve the present moment, you have to focus on your wants and desires, and on the positive things that you’d like to incorporate in your life. I am certain that you’ve got some good, original ideas so don’t hesitate to let your hair down and live life to the fullest together! The more enjoyable the present moment is, the more your friend will want to spend quality time with you. As I’m sure you can see, we aren’t talking about establishing a relationship, we aren’t talking about establishing a couple… We solely want to focus on the notion of happiness and wellbeing so that you can continually bring something positive to your situation.

You can of course come up with fun propositions but it’s also important that you put a small amount of distance between you. You want him or her to think about you more often than usual… because as soon as you begin missing someone, you realize that they’re different from the rest.

Put a tiny bit of space between you and use one of the principles of love!

Have you read my articles on the Chase Method? Are you familiar with what that means? If not, I urge you to read up on it immediately!

You must know that this could perfectly apply to your situation. If you want to engage in a serious relationship and no longer be someone needy or someone that bends over backward too often for others, you’ve got to follow these rules.

In order to get out of a fwb situation and build something real, I encourage you to stop taking the initiative to begin conversations or pick conversations back up with him or her. Stop making the first move, but don’t change anything else. Keep your energy, your positivity, and build complicity between you, but allow the other person to make the first move when it comes to reaching out.

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